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September 26, 2018

Single Premium Life Products

Our Single Premium Life products offer some great features. Click on the product name for details.

EquiTrust – Secure SuiteLife

  • Return of Premium
  • Competitive Index-Linked Returns on S&P 500
  • Uncapped Multi-Asset Index Option
  • Accelerated Death Benefit available
  • Tax-Free Wealth Transfer

EquiTrust – Growth SuiteLife

  • Substantial Index-Linked Returns to S&P 500
  • 5.00% 1-year Interest Rate Account Available
  • $25,000 minimum premium
  • Withdrawals available begining year 2
  • Simplified Underwriting – telephone interview

Sagicor – Fixed Indexed SPWL

  • Premium Bonus
  • Index-Linked Returns
  • Return of Premium Feature
  • Accelerated Death Benefit
  • Policy Loans are available
  • Online Application Only – Log on to agent.sagicorlifeusa.com