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March 23, 2019
Safe Haven 5 year
New 5 year rate annuity at 4.00%
MarketSeven Index
New EquiTrust 7 Yr. FIA
Income Navigator
New 7.00% Bonus FIA
Assetshield 10
New 10 Year Index Annuity
Safe Haven 5 year
New 5 year rate annuity at 4.00%
Secure Savings 5 Year
4.00% Guaranteed 5 Years
ChoiceFour (Liquidity + MVA)
EquiTrust's Top Fixed Annuity
5-Year MYGA Rated A+ (Superior)
MarketPower Bonus Index
12.00% Upfront Premium Bonus FIA!
Performance Elite 10
Athene's Top Index Annuity
Royal Select
8% Bonus FIA with optional GLWB
MarketTen Bonus Index
Flexible Premium Bonus FIA with ROP

President's Message

March 2019

Many insurance carriers report that annuity sales are running at a fast pace for 2019, even faster than last year at this time. We’re here to help you get more sales.

Very recently, Oxford Life announced a significant increase in their index rate caps. The Royal Select FIA is worth your review. Oxford is rated A- Excellent, has $1.96 billion in assets, a 99% investment grade portfolio and is part of the gigantic U-Haul Company. If you have not looked at Oxford’s annuity line of products recently, give us a call today for sales/marketing materials.

Moving to the importance of fixed rates, EquiTrust Life’s ChoiceFour annuity is one of today’s most popular fixed rate annuities. In times of uncertainty, your clients can receive a first-year rate of 4.54%, base renewal rate of 3.00%, lifetime minimum interest rate of 2.00%, and free nursing home waiver. Commission is Blurred commission% through age 80, issued to 85.

Before a sales interview, producers often peruse our spreadsheet to find a mix of products that may suit the need. Click here for a state-specific spreadsheet to help.

Let our 60+ years of experience go to work for you. Give us a call today!


Ronald J. Lane

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