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September 17, 2019
WealthMax Bonus Life
5% Premium Bonus IUL. 8% Commission 45-75
WealthHorizon Life
Single Premium Index Universal Life Insurance
Teton Bonus 10
10 year Bonus Index Annuity
Athene Ascent Pro 10 Bonus
10 year Bonus SPDA FIA with Income Rider available
ChoiceFour (Liquidity + MVA)
EquiTrust's #1 Fixed Annuity
Safe Haven 5 year
New 5 year rate annuity at 3.85%
Secure Savings 5 Year
3.75% Guaranteed 5 Years
Personal Choice 5
5 Year Multi-Year Annuity
Secure Savings Elite 5 Year
4.00% Guaranteed 5 Years
MarketPower Bonus Index
10.00% Upfront Premium Bonus FIA!
Select Series 10
10 year FIA with optional GLWB
Royal Select
Best Combo Index Annuity!
Teton Bonus 10
10 year Bonus Index Annuity
Silver Select
4.00% Bonus FIA with optional GLWB

President's Message

September 2019

Today’s annuity rates have taken a dip since last month and hopefully, these will have been the lowest of the year. Rest assured, a rebound in interest rates and caps is forthcoming. In the meantime, a good alternative to consider is Index Linked Life Insurance which makes sense in today’s financial planning arena.

EquiTrust has just re-launched the WealthMax Bonus IUL. WealthMax Bonus Life offers an upfront 5% Premium Bonus & Return-of-Premium Guarantee! It also has an Accelerated Death Benefit Rider. Commission is Blurred commission% 45-75.

This popular SPL product gives your clients the opportunity to:

  • Immediately increase the value of their estate upon death
  • Pass Death benefits income-tax-free and avoid probate
  • Maintain access to Death Benefits for chronic illness

EquiTrust’s new “UnderWRITE-NOW” Point-of-Sale Processing cuts down the simplified underwriting process significantly. Call us for a sales kit on the WealthMax and ask us to run an illustration for your next client. We’re here to help.


Ronald J. Lane


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