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July 22, 2024

Ronald D. Lane     Ronald J. Lane Samuel R. Lane

Company History

In 1955, Fairlane Financial Corporation was chartered, making it one of the oldest and largest National Marketing Companies in America.

Company founder, Samuel R. Lane, helped pioneer the national distribution of fixed annuities through independently licensed brokers. He coined the phrase “National Marketing Company” and is responsible for setting the stage for Life companies to manufacture insurance products, then delegate their distribution to marketing specialists. Carriers embraced that concept of distribution. It enabled them to create profitable products by eliminating the need of costly inside and outside personnel infrastructures.

In 1979, Sam’s son, Ronald J. Lane joined Fairlane as National Marketing Director, after a successful career at Prudential. Together, father and son took the marketing company concept to numerous well-known insurance carriers.

“Fairlane Financial Corp. has personally written billions of dollars of fixed annuity premium through our large network of licensed agents. We have also produced billions of dollars of additional fixed annuity premium, written through our proprietary-annuity agreements.

Several of today’s competing marketing companies are either partially or completely owned by life insurance companies. We continue to embrace the theory that outside ownership will influence the decision making process in product and carrier selection. Therefore, Fairlane will stay family owned and operated.”

In 1995, Sam’s Grandson, Ronald D. Lane joined Fairlane as a third generation insurance professional and brings with him many accomplishments in the industry, as well as a fresh perspective. Three generations of insurance marketers on staff everyday help Fairlane Financial keep an ear-to-the-ground.

In 2015, Fairlane Financial celebrated its 60th year as America’s Leading Annuity Distributor. We look forward to another sixty years of offering the best support and annuity products available for our family of agents.